• Only Comes On in the dark
  • 180 Degree Motion Sensor, detects up to 30 feet away
  • Illuminates 300 Square Feet
  • No Shadows (unlike Feeder Lights)
  • Totally Waterproof
  • Elevation Adjustable
  • Commercial Construction
  • When Motion is sensed, the Light comes on and stays On
  • 30 Second Time-Out if no motion
  • Up to 1 year Battery Life (uses 3 D-Cells, not included)
  • No Switches, Chargers or Wires to Deal With
  • 140 Lumens with a Green Lens
  • Easily seen from 100 Yards away, so you know when there is activity
  • Battery Low function
  • Quantity Discounts

4 Models Available - Portable w/Post, T-Post Compatible (bolt-on design), Mountable and Magnetic

Why the Hoginator ?

  • Night Vision is expensive and can only be used by one person
  • Are you tired of seeing Unknown Black Sillouttes from your feeder lights ?
  • Confused about which Motion-Sensing, Light-Sensing Green Lights you should buy ?

Then Consider the easiest, best Commercial Hog Illuminator on the Market !

Nocturnal animals loose the ability to see Green first, where our eyes are very sensitive to green.

Learn about the history of the Hoginator